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Beta Reads


With over 25 years staff experience in the full range of editing, you can’t go wrong utilizing My Brother’s Editor to clean up your manuscripts.  Not your houses though.  We are terrible housecleaners.

Let My Brother’s Editor be your one-stop shop for all of your editing needs.


Our Services

  • Editing

  • Copy-Editing

  • Proofreading

  • Beta Reading

  • Formatting

  • Book Cover Design


  • I typically schedule "about" two months out. Exceptions can be made, depending on... life.

  • I can fit novellas in sooner.

  • I DO take emergency edits.

  • My schedule can be pretty flexible. All I ask is for communication on where you're at. When you ghost on me, I've assumed we've broken up and you've fired me.

  • I don't care at all about you running behind, delays, or date changes. It happens and I can move things around. Just keep me posted on dates.

  • I hate getting fired.

Let’s talk about any other special requests you may have!  We do not clean houses or babysit your kids.  We may consider dog walking.

Please email mybrotherseditor@gmail.com to discuss pricing, needs, and ideas or other stuff you want to see here!



We take the stress out of writing. We will pretty up your words without changing your voice.