Beta Reads


With over 25 years staff experience in the full range of editing, you can't go wrong utilizing My Brother’s Editor to clean up your manuscripts.  Not your houses though.  I am a terrible housecleaners.

  • Please note that schedule fills quickly, but I can USUALLY take in last minute emergencies. Normal circumstances, please allow us to have your manuscript in hand for 2-4 weeks. Again, this can be discussed and timelines arranged. We are talking 'bout if we all lived in an ideal world.

  • Payment is due at job completion. Payment by credit card, check, Venmo, or PayPal is accepted.

  • Just drop me an email or fill the contact form out below for info. Email is the best way to discuss rates, needs, wants, timelines, and therapy sessions. Phone calls suck. I hate answering the phone and usually have it turned off so I can focus on the current edit job.



Let’s talk about any other special requests you may have!  I do not clean houses or babysit your kids.  I may consider dog walking.

Please email mybrotherseditor@gmail.com to discuss pricing, needs and ideas or other stuff you want to see here!



For editing requests please email your name, pen name, genre, age range, synopsis, and first three chapters of your book to mybrotherseditor@gmail.com.

~Referrals available upon request~





  • I typically schedule "about" two months out. Exceptions can be made, depending on... life.

  • I can fit novellas in sooner.

  • I DO take emergency edits.

  • My schedule can be pretty flexible. All I ask is for communication on where you're at. When you ghost on me, I've assumed we've broken up and you've fired me.

  • I don't care at all about you running behind, delays, or date changes. It happens and I can move things around. Just keep me posted on dates.

  • I hate getting fired.